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How The Tech Industry Is Uniquely Positioned To Solve Our Biggest Societal Challenges

By Lauren Sato, CEO and Forbes Contributor When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, stripping millions of Americans of our fundamental right to critical health care, I was having breakfast with a group of female executives at a strategy retreat in the Pacific Northwest. We cried together as we processed the news and then quickly turned our sadness and rage toward the question, “What can we do about this?” Like many people impacted by this decision, our brainstorming ran…

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Life After The Classroom

Finding Your Fit In Tech Ada Developers Academy is an immersive and intentional coding school prioritizing community over competition. But what happens after the classroom? What does it mean to “work in tech,” and how can folks find positions that align with their interests? Trenisha Goslee is a self-taught web developer with a passion for STEM Education. She’s a Digital Instructor turned Program Director at Ada who came to Ada to merge her love for coding and education. She’s passionate…

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New Year, New Apps

During the holiday break, Ada Developers Academy students were given the task of creating fully-functional web applications. The catch: because so many students were traveling, with family, or otherwise busy, the students were tasked with creating the applications completely independently. The Exploratory Application project was completely open-ended – students chose the application, determined a reasonable scope given their vacation time commitments, and even the picked language and framework to work with. The primary requirement was that the project had to…

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