H is for Hstore

Using Postgres, like, for Real writting by Hsing-Hui, Ada student. Read the original post on her blog. The vast majority of Rails apps we build are hosted on Heroku, which uses PostgreSQL to store database tables. Since starting a new project by running rails new defaults to using SQLite3, the way kind of hacked around this problem was by simply using SQLite in development and testing, and postgreSQL in production, like so: (in Gemfile) group :development, :test do  gem “sqlite3″end group :production do  gem…

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New Year, New Apps

During the holiday break, Ada Developers Academy students were given the task of creating fully-functional web applications. The catch: because so many students were traveling, with family, or otherwise busy, the students were tasked with creating the applications completely independently. The Exploratory Application project was completely open-ended – students chose the application, determined a reasonable scope given their vacation time commitments, and even the picked language and framework to work with. The primary requirement was that the project had to…

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