Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with Stories from Adies

This AAPI Heritage Month, we celebrate the voices and journeys of current students and alums who worked their way through adversity to find their place in tech. These powerful women, trans, and nonbinary folks recount their biggest challenges and aspirations in the industry while giving thanks and gratitude to the folks that came before them. In Asian culture, Filipinos are kind of lower on the totem pole of Asians. We’re called third culture kids, “you are of Filipino descent, but…

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Parenting and Programming

Learning how to code is a new venture for many Adies when they first join the Ada program. Whether leaving a full-time job to pursue software development, making a career shift, exploring a new avenue of problem-solving, the pathways to code are endless. One pathway we will explore today is taking on the journey to code while being a parent. Is it possible? What does it look like? A handful of Adie parents share their experience parenting while programming. “I’ve…

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Ada’s Updated Mission, Vision, and Values

Over the past year, Ada has faced some unique challenges that led to significant changes in how we think about our impact. We have reevaluated our guiding principles through a robust planning process and aligned them around a new set of vision, mission, and values. These guiding principles will drive us to have the biggest impact we can while staying true to our program quality and core beliefs.  In engaging our community, it was essential for us to: Gather and incorporate…

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