During the holiday break, Ada Developers Academy students were given the task of creating fully-functional web applications. The catch: because so many students were traveling, with family, or otherwise busy, the students were tasked with creating the applications completely independently.

The Exploratory Application project was completely open-ended – students chose the application, determined a reasonable scope given their vacation time commitments, and even the picked language and framework to work with. The primary requirement was that the project had to be complete, regardless of size. We expected polished HTML, refactored code, good test coverage and quality, and straightforward user experience.

Upon coming back to class, we were blown away with the diversity of projects that students came up with. Here’s a sampling of some of the awesome things they came up with:

  • Meldoku | Melinda’s mother-in-law is a sudoku fanatic, so for her Exploratory Application, she made a sudoku checker, complete with 81 inputs.
  • This Socks! | Blake created an application to solve the age-old question, “Where’s my Missing Sock?” This Socks is a national lost sock registry application, where users can report lost and found socks.
  • MonsterSmash | Davida is a big fan of the Pathfinder RPG. She created an application to track monsters by challenge rating and environment to help making encounter set up easier.
  • The Booklist | Elizabeth created an application using the Google Books API to help users track their reading lists.

We’re so proud of all the student projects and promise to check back in with more of their creations as class progresses.