Help us support students who need Ada the most! 

The Ada team is deep in the review and interview process for our next group of Adies!  We will soon extend invitations to 48 students to join us for Cohort 13, starting in February of 2020.  We know that many of these students will only be able to attend Ada with the support of Ada’s Financial Aid program.  

The program is designed to fund basic needs including housing, childcare, medical and other essential support. Now in our 6th year, Ada is growing and changing; we just finished our brand refresh and we are wrapping up a strategic plan to guide our growth and planning over the next few years.  Both experiences brought our mission into focus and helped us hone in on how to serve the students that need us the most: low income people, underrepresented minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  We also Unpacked the Loan Fund, helping us to clearly understand and communicate loan funds required every 6 months to support our incoming cohorts. We are moving forward with care and intentionality and we are excited to continue building these important support programs. We can’t wait for you to join us to create access for students who would otherwise not be able to attend Ada! 

Did you know that private philanthropy supports 10% of the total operating cost of Ada’s programs?

Your generous investment makes it possible for Ada to continue providing our unique program for learning where Adies can thrive. With your support, Ada can continue to diversify the tech sector with talented software developers, and build community ensuring every Adie reaches their full potential in life and work. Our community has stepped up each time we’ve asked for investments over the past 5 years. As we grow from start-up to mature non-profit, we are building our philanthropic investments along with our program. We can’t do this work without you, and your generosity has sustained us cohort after cohort. 

The loan program was redesigned for Cohorts 9 and 10, allowing repayments to go directly into funding future loans for Adies in Cohorts 11,  12 and beyond. These repayments are scheduled to fund over 70K of the 200k needed to fully support the next cohort! Another way we get closer to our goal is through our monthly donor program. 44 donors give over $1100.00 monthly putting them on track to fund nearly one full loan every year.  Sign up today and help them get there even faster! As always, a humble “thank you” goes to our Adies! Our Alums are the heart of the Ada Community and our donor base. They are not only amazing supporters of our mission, allowing Ada to drive our work forward, but also our champions in the tech community who encourage others to give and get involved.  Thank you to all our past donors. We are so excited to reconnect with you this year and learn more about WHY you love Ada Developers Academy.

Ada has facilitated 127 loans for our 333 graduates, 38% of our total students.

Between now and  October 11, we are encouraging you to support us in keeping this work going. The financial aid program is not just about the money; it’s about opportunity and access it gives to our students who need Ada the most.   Opportunity to change lives for our students and their families for generations to come. Without this program, we would not be Ada. We ask you to LISTEN, ENGAGE and GIVE today. 

Help us raise the remaining 130K needed to fully fund Cohort 13’s loans.