Last week our 5th Cohort of students completed seven interviews over four days. Students have been deeply immersed in learning for the past 6 months and these four days are incredible intense for our students as they push through nerves and anxiety to showcase their skills as a developer.

As a school, we understand the need for students to silo their emotions so that they can concentrate on this critical part of their career change, but as humans, we understand the difficulty of this task given the state of our world today.

We are a mission driven organization who recognizes that injustice is all too prevalent. While we are specifically fighting for social reform in the way of representation in Tech, we believe that this is a small part of a bigger need for justice.

Our hearts are heavy with the violence during the past weeks and the historical inequities that continue to manifest in society today. We acknowledge the suffering, injustice, anger, and sadness that is around us and clouding our ability to be 100% present in our normal routines. We understand the need for space and time to process and respond to these events in our own unique ways.  We fully support good self- and community- care; let’s keep this discussion open and continue to support each other during these trying times.