By: Sarah Ervin, Program Manager – Student Services

While Ada grows as a program and we adjust to our new online world, we’re improving more than just our technical content. Starting with Cohort 14, Ada is partnering with Paradigm Shift Seattle to launch a stronger curriculum around equity, justice, and inclusion. Before Cohort 14 even started class at the end of August, they had participated in six weeks of learning that included reading, self-reflection, and interactive sessions with the skilled educators at Paradigm Shift around the following topics:

  • Understanding systems of power and oppression 
  • Exploring racial and racist socialization
  • De-colonizing technology
  • Community accountability for healing work

While our abrupt transition online presented countless barriers, it also created a unique opportunity to connect with our incoming cohort much earlier in their Ada experience. It makes a huge difference for students to start the program having already experienced a focus on community-building and social justice work. And our curriculum development goes beyond the summer pre-work; in the coming weeks and months, Paradigm Shift is building out content to support our students and staff in leveling up around the following topics:

  • Gender diversity
  • Advocacy for self and others
  • Bias intervention
  • Navigating dominant culture as underrepresented developers

As we do this work, we’ll hear from students, staff, and our facilitators about what’s resonating most deeply, and where we need to grow next. We’re excited for this next huge step in strengthening our community here at Ada, and better preparing students for tech careers grounded in anti-racism, advocacy, and care for self and others.