Over the past six months our educational team literally flipped our highly collaborative, in-person education model to a fully digital delivery model.  They achieved 100% retention, graduation and placement in spite of it all, and have continued to evolve their work to create the most effective learning environment possible for our Ada students.  We wanted to share our learnings from this process in hopes that they may be beneficial to the educational community as we all wrestle with this unique time together.

Looking forward to the incoming cohort, there have been several changes this education team has had to implement. 

  • The entire pre-course and curriculum was reworked to go into our new Learning Management System. That sounds pretty simple on the surface, but the reality of that is to rewrite content, record videos, set up comprehension questions for student understanding. It is hours and hours of work. 
  • We spent lots of time iterating on our flipped classroom approach and reworking student support. 
  • We spent time in deep conversation with multiple racial justice workshops for staff as well as students. 
  • We are changing the tech stack for our next (15th!) cohort, so the team built new pre-course material and delivered 2 workshops and 4 study halls to potential students. 

As we move through the year ahead we will continue to share how we’re learning and growing – we’re all in this together!