We are thrilled to announce Melina Garcia, Attorney at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP as another new leader to join to Ada’s Advisory Board in 2020. Melina’s legal background supporting technology clients will provide critical expertise for Ada’s future growth and expansion efforts.

Read below to learn more about Melina in her own words:

Melina Garcia
Attorney at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

What drew you to serve in Ada’s Advisory board?

“I serve technology clients’ needs every day, and am passionate about the potential for continued growth in the tech industry. However, I am a firm believer that growth does not happen without diversity: of people, ideas, and backgrounds. I support Ada’s commitment to building healthy, equitable environments and a more inclusive tech industry.”

How do you see your role on the board; and how will it help Ada move forward?

“I see my role as providing sound and reliable advice, identifying any liabilities, and assessing risk factors to ensure that Ada’s growth is what we envision as a community. “

What aspects of your background and experience tie into the Ada community?

“I am an immigrant, a Hispanic woman, a first generation college student, and English was my second language. Rather than letting these labels define me, I wear them proudly, every day, and allow them to remind me of the doors that have been opened by those that came before me. There may not be many people in the tech community, that look, live, or think like you – do not let that define your path. Let that drive you. “

What gender-diverse person or woman in STEM inspires you?

“Katherine Johnson. She saw problems and solved them. She asked questions. She opened her own door to be part of the team that sent us to space. She is a true inspiration. “

What is your vision for Ada?

“Setting the standard for offering the highest quality curriculum, partnerships, and job opportunities to low income people, underrepresented minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. “

Do you have an initial message to the Ada community you’d like to share?

“Hi Adies! I feel so lucky to be a small part of this community in helping make Ada even better. I am an attorney by day, who works with the largest tech companies in the world, helping them combat fraud, trademark infringement, and cyber crimes. By night, I am a cook, yogi, runner, reader, hiker, and an obsessed dog mom to my rescue Timber.

I always thought a board of directors was a big, scary, important group of people who made decisions from some ivory tower. But alas, we are just people who care about YOU! We care about making Ada more inclusive, providing you more meaningful opportunities, and offering our expertise to make it happen. I want to see the tech industry diversify, (and the legal industry, and the government, and…is there a character limit here?) and I want to see Ada tackle the challenge head on. Please shoot me an email if you think I can ever lend a helping hand or be a listening ear. Or if you would like to see pictures of Timber. “