By: Lauren Sato, Ada CEO

Ada Community,

I know we’re all inundated with COVID19 updates from companies, so I will keep this really brief.  I did want you to hear from us, though, so here are a few highlights from the past two weeks at Ada:

On Monday 3/9, we moved all instruction online 

Our academic staff did an incredible job pivoting our very collaborative learning model into web-based tools, and our amazing volunteer TAs have continued to support student learning through this transition.

On Friday 3/13, due to Overwhelming demand from our Adie interns and alums

We set up a joint slack channel for previous Adies to offer support to our current C13 students.  Since it opened #adie-solidarity has grown to include 84 members and a steady stream of offers for technical and emotional support.

Volunteerism at all-time high

We have received incredibly generous offers from our corporate partners, our vendors, and our donors to support our students in various ways from online panels on how to work remotely, to scholarships, to supplies for our move in August.  It’s become very clear that Ada is surrounded by a community that wants to see us weather this storm and keep pressing on with this important work.

Emergency childcare solution

Finally, I am thrilled to share that we have built a partnership with Weekdays – a local Seattle, female-founded, startup – to provide emergency childcare for our students, interns, and staff.  Without this a number of Adies wouldn’t not be able to complete our program – something they have given up a year of their lives and worked tirelessly for, and we are so glad to be able to remove this unexpected roadblock!

Our team here at Ada is working incredibly hard to ensure we are able to continue to serve our students and corporate partners amidst these challenging times, and we are incredibly grateful to have such a powerful and generous community around us as we move forward together.  So, thank you for being such a shining example of what’s possible when we come together during challenging times, and please, be well.

– Lauren