By: Bethany Lindsey, Director of Education- Ada Developers Academy

At my six month mark as Director of Education, I’m excited to report on some of the happenings at Ada. We are starting the second week of the classes for Cohort 13 and internships for Cohort 12. The instructional team has created some changes for each of these groups of students that we thought the Adie community would like to know about. 

Capstone Celebration

We tried a new format for the capstone presentations. In an effort to make this event more interactive and supportive of learning, we decided to change the traditional presentation to a “science fair” style capstone instead. With the new format, students had a better opportunity to share their projects throughout the evening, rather than in 5 high-pressure minutes. Emma, Program Manager for Internships and Alums, did a great job executing the event. From the student side, the change was popular – 87% of students surveyed preferred the science fair format. Given that positive feedback, we will hold the same type of event for the next Capstone Celebration.

Homeroom Teacher Structure

On February 3rd, we welcomed Cohort 13 into their “Space” and “Time” classes. Historically, each classroom has had 2 permanent instructors who work with their assigned class throughout the cohort. In order to better optimize teachers’ time, increase cross-class collaboration, and give students more face-to-face time with all teachers, we are now operating each class with one assigned “homeroom” instructor. The rest of our instructional team will rotate through both rooms throughout the cohort. 

What does this mean for students?

It means that they will now have access to all 6 instructors with Becca and Devin as the homeroom teachers in each class. Students will also have classes with each of the members of the instructional team, not just the same two instructors as was the case in prior cohorts. Instructors can optimize on lesson planning, since they can now teach a lesson once in one class and then again in the other classroom. Grading will be more evenly distributed as well in order to ensure fresh eyes on student projects. Instructors will now have more time for 1:1s and Office Hours, since the lesson prep time has been optimized.

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments on anything listed above. I have set up weekly time slots to meet with Adies on my calendar, or please feel free to email me if you have any additional questions. 

I look forward to chatting soon!

Bethany  – Director of Education, Ada