By Jared Maddox (he/him), Instructor 

Hi! I’m Jared Maddox, my pronouns are he/him and I’m very excited to join as an Instructor here at Ada!

Before graduating from The University of Texas I got to join part-time staff at Lanier High School as a Tutor. By the time a graduated and moved to Seattle, I knew I loved teaching. I volunteered with Treehouse as a Tutor to satisfy my itch to teach while I worked at Amazon Music as a Software Engineer, building music support for Alexa. After a couple years at Amazon, I moved on to work at Remitly working on a backend software team there, where I got to work with several Adies (shout out to Nicoleta, Kate, and Semret!). I’ve enjoyed my time engineering but when I knew I was ready to grow in new ways, I realized Ada sounded like the perfect fit. I’m so thankful to be on the Ada team and look forward to welcoming Cohort 12 soon!

I just got a new apartment in Ravenna that I’m excited to move into shortly. When I’m not there or at work, I’ll probably be watching a show at the Neptune, drinking coffee at Storyville (or 4th Ave, which is quickly becoming a new favorite!), or somewhere practicing meditation and yoga.