Our seventh cohort of students have just completed their sixth week of curriculum, and their first week of web development! Each class spent the week learning HTML and CSS with the purpose of creating static websites. The curriculum highlighted CSS layouts and the importance of using semantic HTML. Each student created their own personal websites based off of wireframes they created.

Below we have highlighted a few of these student projects that are on the web! (Note: this is the first week on the web, so please be gentle <3 )

Alix created a website inspired by 8-bit graphics and Homestar Runner. Her favorite feature is a game she created called “Where is the fish?”.


Bo created a website that highlights some of the work she has done prior to, and so far at Ada. She included a cool gif of her face as well as a great programming joke!


Danielle created a website to highlight where she is in the world and where she is in the process of learning these new skills. She is particularly proud of the animated blimp since the process taught her a lot more about CSS. She gained inspiration from material.uplabs.com which she stumbled upon when looking for a color palette.


Sai created a website where she focused on page layouts. She is particularly proud of the way she (and a helpful TA) used Pinterest as inspiration for the stacked boxes for each project she has worked on. She also likes the way she was able to change the background color on the social media icons when you hover over them.


Coming up next in the curriculum, the students will be learning Rails to create dynamic websites!