We have to come rely on our federal government for its critical role in protecting the rights of all individuals in this country, especially those of us who are put most at risk by political scapegoating and fearmongering.  We stand firmly against the removal of federal guidelines that support the rights of trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people to use the restroom appropriate to their identity. Because we know that it is our trans students, peers, friends, and family who are truly the most vulnerable to harassment and assault in restrooms. Because we know that our current administration would like to stigmatize the very existence of certain marginalized groups. Because we know that at least seven transwomen of color have been killed in 2017. Because we know how high the stakes really are.

We disagree with any action that serves to increase discrimination and undermine equity for transgender people. The safety and inclusion of every Ada student will continue to be our priority, regardless of future mandates or court rulings from our federal government.