It’s hard to believe that Cohort 4 is already presenting their capstone projects today, but they are! As we think about their projects, we realized that we never shared the awesome projects that Cohort 3 did. Here are just a couple out of the 24 awesome projects from Cohort 3!

Amira used Raspberry Pi and Ustream to make a Kitty Laser Robot to keep her cat entertained while she was at school.

You can use Kari’s app, The Music Selfie, to take a selfie and have the app read the expressions on your face to detect which Spotify playlist you would be in the mood for.

Use Elsa’s website to find Seattle’s food trucks, breweries, and distilleries and see what hours they are open.

Katie created a website to be used to track your food in your fridge. Track when it’s time for the bananas to go!

Shanna created Xylobot, a web app to play the xylophone with Arduino. She even made a tutorial which you can check out here:

Use Corinne’s app to keep track of your special moments, but do it privately!

Lila created Robo Feed Pet using Raspberry Pi, Cron, and Python. Forgot to feed your pet? Or does your pet get the munchies in the middle of the day? Robo Feed Pet has your back.

Marleigh moved here from South Carolina and was not prepared for the killer hills in Seattle. She created a website that suggests appropriate footwear for a route based on elevation.

This is only a selection from the 24 awesome projects that the 3rd Cohort produced. Congratulations to all the Adies on creating such impressive apps! We hope you find them as useful as we do!