Why do you believe the Ada program is good for your company?  

The Ada program is not just good for Chef, but great for Chef because we are growing at a steady pace and we find that the talent coming from the Ada program aligns really well with our company culture and our company values. Chef prides itself on hiring smart, diverse individuals who want to learn and grow, while working on cool technology.

Can you describe what your intern’s first day looks like?  

We know the first day, even the first week and month, can be a bit overwhelming. Our goal is to take the pressure and stress out of the picture. The first day as an Ada intern at Chef is really about meeting people, and learning about what Chef does as a business from a high level. Interns are given their new laptop, they are introduced to people in their immediate sphere and they shadow past Ada interns who have been in the same situation that they are in.  

What has surprised you the most when taking on an Ada intern?  

Chef is always pleasantly surprised by how easy Ada interns fit right in and are excited to contribute. We want the interns to immediately feel like they are part of our family and that their opinions and ideas matter. Our past interns have been super awesome about finding that voice.

What do you find unique about your Ada intern compared to other interns?

The Ada program is a rigorous learning program. Based on our previous hires from the Ada intern program, Chef knows that Ada interns are committed and really determined. Ada interns tend to be intellectually curious and well positioned to learn fast–just based on what the program expects of them. This ambition to keep learning is unique and hard to find. Ada interns tend to be more “open minded” to embracing new technology and being handed projects that allow them to continue learning as they work.