2016 brings a new year and new energy to the Ada Team. We are excited to announce some program changes that we believe will empower us to further our mission more effectively.

  • We are in the process of rewriting our vision and mission. Ada’s highs and lows over the past 2 years have taught us many lessons. One is that we need to be more focused in our vision, mission, values, and goals. We anticipate finalizing this in March 2016.
  • We are documenting our Program Values and Target Student. Choosing to join the Ada Family is a big decision – we know students have options when choosing how to enter Tech as a software developer. We want to be clear and help students make the most informed decision.
  • We have documented our Admissions Process. Our admissions process is robust and we want applicants to understand what happens in each phase as well as what we’re looking for.
  • We have changed the frequency and duration of our program. These changes will permit us to train more students, hire more staff, and collaborate with more focus within our team which we anticipate will actually lighten our program load. In order to be more operationally sustainable and focused in our delivery of training, we have chosen to now admit 48 students per admissions cycle (previously 24) with admissions cycles twice yearly (previously 3x yearly) in order to train 96 students yearly (previously 72).

You will start seeing these changes reflected on our website and in our daily operations.