Hello! My name is Korica and I’m Ada’s Program Coordinator.
I’ve been at Ada full time now for 4 months and been involved with Ada for 9

I graduated from Auburn University not too long ago in December
2014 with a degree in Political Science. While in college, I thought law school
might be the path for me but I quickly changed my mind after interning in the
legal field.

When I finished college, I felt pretty lost not knowing what
I wanted to do career-wise. While working part time, I discovered programming
and fell in love. This was just like the Xanga and Myspace days! Knowing I wanted
to make a career out of doing front-end web development one day, I started my
research on schools in the Seattle area. That’s when I discovered Ada and
started volunteering part time after work. Shortly after, I ended up joining
the Ada team and becoming a Program Coordinator here. But I definitely still
have hopes to one day soon become a web developer.

I feel connected with Ada in so many ways. I have always
enjoyed social justice and love that all of us (staff and students)
are helping to make the tech world more diverse in terms of having more women,
more people of color, and more people from the LGBTQ community. And since I want to one day become a web developer, I enjoy seeing our students grow in their careers! I consider myself pretty lucky that I started a couple of weeks before Capstone project presentations. 

If you ask me where I’m from I might stare at you a while
trying to figure out what’s the easiest way of saying everywhere but mostly the
south. Yup, I was a military brat so I have spent my life constantly moving
around. I like to think that this is what gave me the travel bug because my
dream is to one day go on a year+ long sabbatical.

I’m so excited to be here and look forward to diversifying tech 🙂