“Ada Developers Academy has the mission of bringing more women into software development. It’s a very male dominated field and we found that women are not served well by a traditional educational pathway into tech so in thinking of creative options, Ada came out of the woodwork. The program is a softer transition into a career in development and we want to be around to support our students as they start these careers.” – Elise

“We’re an industry driven program so we start our students off with 6 months in the classroom followed by 6 months at an internship. This way, it’s a more organic process where we’re filling an actual need that exists. What’s really cool about the program is how everyone is involved in shaping it – the students, the TAs, the instructors, everyone. The students who are now getting jobs can come back and help in the classroom so there’s this huge snowball effect of giving back. The alumni are really going to shape this into something bigger.” – Karen 

Elise Worthy and Karen Hambro are the CTO/Co-Founder and Program Manager of Ada Developers Academy