Phew! It’s unbelievable that our first cohort of students is already a third of the way through their internships. It’s been two months since the students have been in class, but we’ve been so heads down that the time has flown. 

Better late than never, we’d like to publicly recognize the students’ capstone projects. These projects were the culmination of their classroom work and lasted a month. Students chose their own projects, many of which had external stakeholders, created feature sets, and managed an agile process as individuals or in pairs.

Without further ado, meet these incredible apps:

What Do I Do With…?, created by Audrey, helps King County residents find drop-off locations for their recyclables. Audrey used a public data set and multiple APIs to deliver this mobile responsive app.

Where Can I Park in Seattle?, created by Hsing-Hui and Liz, overlays Seattle municipal parking data to help drivers understand the city’s parking zones. They’ll be speaking about their capstone experience at the Cascadia Ruby Conference.

PGP Neighbors, created by Sue, maps the gigantic PGP Web of Trust and allows users to see their nearest neighbors (including links to web celebrities).

Asha and Galina created Gig Badger, which allows users to post and request jobs and volunteer opportunities, earning badges and rating other users along the way.

What’s Happening In Space?, created by Elizabeth, uses large sets of NASA data to give you a real time view of what’s happening in space. You can even see an animation of how the planets moved in 2013!

Christina and Shadae created CoLaboratory, an app that allows artists to find each other easily so they can collaborate and give each other feedback.

Graceful Hoppers, created by Whitney, provides a roadmap for self-directed students to become web developers. The first unit is already live and Whitney hopes to add additional units soon.

Davida and Blake worked with PotaVida, an organization that has created a disruptive water purification and program evaluation system, to provide data visualization for their international locations as well as overhaul their website with a custom CMS.

Epicookbook, created by Ellen, is a cookbook app for people with allergies and food restrictions. Using filters, you can exclude all recipes containing specific ingredients so your search will return only the recipes that meet your dietary needs.

With experience working for non-profits, Melinda was highly aware of how much of a struggle it can be to recruit volunteers, especially when help with something specific is needed. That was the inspiration for her capstone project, VolunteerCheer, an app that helps non-profits select and organize volunteers based on their skill set and availability.

Working with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Anne created the app Map My Districts. Users can upload bulk spreadsheets of Seattle addresses, which are then geocoded and assigned a district in a downloadable format. You can also use the tool to find your district!

We hope you’re as impressed as we are! Congratulations to all the Adies on creating such great work!