We’re proud to announce that our first class will have 16 amazing students and will be held in the Rainier Tower in downtown Seattle. Please meet Anne and Liz, two members of our super-smart and incredibly talented group.


I’m Anne: lover of languages, climber of mountains, writer of terribly uninformative initial sentences in self-descriptions and now proto-developer with Ada. My interest in computer science developed rather recently and was surprising to discover. In hindsight, I should have known I would love programming. I’ve always adored languages because I saw them as a collection of phonemes and written symbols in which one could find the means to express all meaning. Unfortunately, human communication is far too vague to gracefully pass meaning between individuals. (I approach a stranger on the street and tell them I love them. What do I mean?) Code, on the other hand, is stunningly transparent. But alas, my high school had no CS courses and the department at my small liberal arts college was woefully small. I got a degree in Linguistics instead, and if it hadn’t been for a volunteer gig teaching English to a Burmese refugee who demanded that I “teach him how to computer” I might have never opened my first IDE. 

Currently, I’m busy gorging myself on a buffet of Ruby guides in preparation for the first class at Ada. I’m also indulging my language geek side by messing around with a French Python-derivative language called Linotte. I haven’t gotten much further than my first “Bonjour le monde!” program, but I’m enjoying touching the edge of the international development community. When I’m not working on my screen-glow tan you can find me in the woods. I’m a PNW native and I’m most comfortable on a hiking trail or sleeping in a tent. When the woods have exhausted me though you can find me in Ravenna watching Netflix with my room mates, in Fremont pretending to be a beer snob or in a coffee shop with a book. I love the classics, but if I’m being honest with myself I’ll admit that I read a lot of science fiction and it’s hard to shut me up about my tinfoil hat theories about A Song of Ice and Fire or my love/hate relationship with the Marvel 616 universe. 


I am a 25 year old newcomer to Seattle, but originally from Idaho. I studied communication and Spanish literature at Saint Louis University in Spain, where I lived and worked for about 4 years. My professional background mostly consists of marketing, translation, and a little bit of QA and test automation, but I am excited to learn to be a developer and start making things for myself. My passions include drawing comics and making art, as well as doing activism and volunteer work for women and girls. I am a radical feminist and love to talk about the different branches of feminist theory and ways to make meaningful changes in the world. In my free time, I love to experiment with food, sew, and make collage postcards to send to friends.