Team Bios

Our exceptional team of staff is laser-focused on the success of every Adie. See our Careers page for opportunities to join the Ada team.

Leadership Team

Lauren Sato

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren is a seasoned cross-sector leader who began her career at Year Up, building an impactful program from the ground up and then scaling it through public-private partnerships. Following Year Up, Lauren was employee one at Canopy, an impact investing startup aimed at reducing the barriers for institutional investors to deploy capital to social good enterprises collaboratively. Her subsequent time at the technology startup RealSelf focused on growing from 100 to 300 employees and ultimately achieving a 60% female tech company, with 36% women in technical roles. Then, at The Riveter, Lauren focused on building collaborative spaces across the country for women to learn, grow, and start companies together. As CEO at Ada, Lauren is excited to use her expertise in scaling to make this proven model for getting women and gender nonconforming folks into software development careers available across the country.

Alexandra Holien

VP of Revenue and Strategy, Deputy Director

Alexandra graduated with her Masters in Cultural Studies in 2015 and married her passion for social justice work with her sales and recruiting experience. For the last 15 years, Alexandra’s work, both professional and personal, has centered on relationship and community building to create upward mobility pathways for marginalized people. As a Black woman in tech, Alexandra is passionate about bringing more underrepresented minorities into the industry and fiercely believes that diversity without equity is oppression.

Bethany Lindsey

VP of Education and Innovation

Bethany has 20 years of experience in program design and management. She has overseen the end-to-end student experience for part-time and full-time students, including marketing, admissions, instruction, career services, and alumni relations across various types of organizations and institutions. Her main goal is to ensure students’ success. Bethany thrives in a workspace that values non-traditional education.

Danielle Ishem

VP of Equity and Policy

Danielle was born and raised in the city of Seattle. She attended Howard University in Washington D.C. and received a master’s degree in public health and public administration from the University of Washington. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea-Conakry, her role in public health and community development was centered on nutrition and creating educational and financial opportunities for girls and women. Danielle comes with over a decade of experience working in equity, diversity and inclusion, specifically with regards to equity in healthcare and in diversifying the healthcare workforce. Danielle is committed to creating equitable opportunities for education and believes empowering women uplifts communities.

Charline Zavaleta

Chief of Staff

Charline has 10 years of experience in operations and administrative roles, having spent the 5 years before Ada at Seattle-based tech startups. She enjoys creating structure and efficiencies and being the point-person who can help make her colleagues’ work lives easier. As a woman of color who has worked in the tech industry, Charline is looking forward to being a part of the Ada community and contributing to improving people’s lives.

Executive Support Staff

Monique Thomas

Executive Assistant

A self-described modern-day renaissance woman, Monique joins Ada as the Executive Assistant to our CEO. She brings a unique perspective to the organization with over 20 years of experience under her belt. She’s committed to making the world a better place. 

She holds a B.A. in Sociology (Pre-Law) and English from Shaw University, an MBA in Project Management and Marketing from Concordia University-Portland, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University, with aspirations of earning her Doctorate. In her spare time, she loves to go to brunch, volunteer for charitable organizations, snacking on truffle popcorn, spending time with her children, playing volleyball, as well as, writing novels and screenplays.

Nicole Harper

Executive Assistant

Nicole recently completed her Masters of Public Administration (MPA) degree in Spring 2021 at the University of Colorado Denver.  During her MPA program, areas of focus and interest included nonprofit management, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), social justice principles, and education.  She is passionate about public service and mission-driven work dedicated to helping individuals and communities live healthier and happier lives.  Nicole is a huge music lover, enjoys going to concerts, playing, and continuously learning guitar and writing songs. 

Samantha Flores-Sherwood

Executive Assistant

Samantha has over a decade of experience in the world of operations and administration. As a former business co-owner in her home state of New York, she found a calling in building relationships and the hands-on work that supports company growth. She has previously worked with nonprofits, churches, and education. Samantha believes social equity is a human right. She is honored to now be part of a team working to include more underrepresented women and gender-expansive folks in the tech industry. In her free time, she enjoys singing along to dramatic pop ballads, practicing mindfulness and body neutrality, and spending time with her two sons – one of which is of the furry canine persuasion.

Education Team

Seattle Campus

Sylvia Artiga Monreal

Program Director, Seattle

Sylvia is a mestiza nerd who loves the puzzle of learning, researching, and imagining better possibilities with others. Since graduating from Princeton University as a first-generation college student, she has worked in the education and nonprofit sectors, focusing on recruiting, training, and coaching individuals in career development, personal leadership, and team management. With experience at large organizations, scrappy nonprofits, and Millennial side-hustles, she’s passionate about studying work culture and helping folks find careers where they can thrive.

Chris McAnally

Senior Instructor, Seattle

Chris McAnally joined Ada in 2016 as an Instructor for C6. Prior to Ada, he lived in China & Singapore with his wife Jingwen, working at a pair of international schools. He has been involved in Computer Science education since 1998.

Becca Elenzil

Instructor, Seattle

Becca started her coding journey in scientific computing, where she used computational models to understand human locomotion and motor control. After completing her Ph.D. in Bioengineering, Becca taught high school computer science. She developed data science and creative coding courses to bring computer science education to students with varied interests. Her educational and teaching background gives Becca a unique perspective on how programming is a valuable tool across many disciplines. As an instructor at Ada, Becca is honored to support students as they develop as software engineers and chart their own paths.

Kaida Masaki

Associate Instructor, Seattle

Kaida is an associate instructor at Ada. She has been working at Ada since the start of Cohort 11 and before that worked in the tech industry and taught at an after-school program. She specializes in student support, especially in tackling tricky technical problems, and loves seeing that “aha” moment from a student.

Jasmine Lopez

Associate Instructor, Seattle

Jasmine has spent her career at the intersection of technology and education. She has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a Masters of Education. Before joining Ada, she worked as a software developer for an education technology research group and then as a developer for an instructional design group that created online modules for university courses. Teaching at Ada has allowed her to take her interests in a new direction, and she finds great joy in supporting students as they learn at Ada.

Auberon López

Associate Instructor, Seattle

Auberon is delighted to be a part of the Ada team! They have a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and have worked in the tech industry creating scalable data pipelines. They also have extensive experience as a technical interviewer. They are human and still make many mistakes when coding – just like everyone does! Auberon believes it’s important not to hide these mistakes away from students but instead to let them see that learning is a never-ending process and that failures help us grow.

Jerica Huang

Associate Instructor, Seattle

Jerica’s journey in STEM was sparked by her passion for figure skating. After connecting the physics concepts behind every leap and turn, it was like uncovering a secret architecture of the universe. To this day, Jerica loves how the vast field of computer science can bring ideas to life in a way that is technical, artistic, impactful, and personally meaningful. Since being one of 2-3 girls in her high school computer science classes, Jerica knew that there was work to be done to make the tech industry inclusive for underrepresented minorities, whose voices and perspectives are needed to engineer a world where technology creators represent their diverse worldwide user base. She led her university’s Women in Computing chapter for all four years and, after graduating, led Diversity + Inclusion initiatives for her division at Microsoft. Now, she is excited to leverage her background to serve Adies as they chart their own paths in the tech industry.

Digital Campus

Emily Schifferling

Program Director, Digital

Emily loves a good mixed cassette tape and learning how the “university of life” shapes people’s thoughts, decisions, and behaviors. She has 17 years of experience in instruction and hands-on full-cycle educational program design and management, responsible for student and staff recruitment, success, and retention outcomes. Emily spent eight years working in “developing” and “developed” countries and still questions the definition of “development.” With a master’s degree in Global and International Education, she enjoys mapping and analyzing student journey data and thinking aloud with others to help uncover and realize greater potential. Managing a small startup tech recruiting team in Seattle laid bare to her the critical diversity gap that tech suffers and now drives her on the daily while working at its intersection with education and social justice.

Ansel Rognlie

Associate Instructor, Digital

Ansel brings over a decade of industry experience ranging from bioinformatics to system-integrated application development, having built and maintained large-scale data analysis platforms focusing on rapid response to stakeholder needs. While still new to education, his goal is to provide the tools, support, and encouragement for each student to achieve their own personal success and instill in them the confidence to challenge the preconceptions of what others think they can achieve. Sharing in their journey is a privilege which he treasures.

Trenisha Goslee

Associate Instructor, Digital

Trenisha graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in Technology Education. She came to Ada to merge her love for both coding and education. She was a middle school STEM educator and now teaches underrepresented youth how to code. Trenisha likes to collect mugs and is addicted to seaweed snacks.

Audrey Andoy

Instructor, Digital

Audrey graduated with her Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems from Western Washington University and General Assembly’s web development immersive program. She has worked in the EduTech industry as a full-stack developer and has taught over 400 K-12 coding classes in various technologies such as Scratch, Python, Javascript, and C#. Audrey’s goal is to use her own experiences as a bootcamp grad and instructor to cultivate a creative, collaborative, empathetic class environment for Adie’s to thrive in.

Claire Elliott

Instructor, Digital

Claire didn’t start in the tech industry. Far from it. She graduated with a degree in East Asian Studies, specializing in contemporary Japanese theater. After teaching English in Japan for almost four years, she rekindled a childhood passion for web design once she returned to Oklahoma. It was an easy transition from teaching one language to another—programming.

Ashley Yang

Associate Instructor, Digital

Ashley graduated from Reed College before teaching kindergarten for a few years and eventually went on to complete an immersive coding program at Dev Bootcamp. PBeforejoining Ada, she worked as a backend developer. She’s thrilled to be combining her passion for education with her technical skills at the Digital campus.

Student Services

Sarah Ervin

Senior Program Manager

Sarah has a background in social work and counseling and a passion for supporting people through major life transitions. At Ada, she applies this passion to building effective programs to support students and volunteers from onboarding to graduation. Sarah works closely with the instructional team to embed individualized support throughout students’ academic experience at Ada.

Priyanka Anand

Student Success Coach

Priyanka previously taught cooking and gardening classes in kitchens, school gardens, and on farms while working with youth to explore where our food comes from. She is excited to continue her work in education, focusing on supporting students’ success throughout their time at Ada. Priyanka enjoys logistical planning, creating meaningful relationships, and leading projects. Most of all, she loves thinking about building better systems and processes for a more efficient, caring, and inclusive work culture.

Nat Bentley

Student Success Coach

Nat graduated with a B.A. in sociology from Pitzer College in 2018. He has experience in college admissions and academic coaching/tutoring. He’s excited to work for such a mission-oriented and values-driven organization; he’s passionate about building relationships with students and providing them individualized support. When he’s not working, Nat enjoys watching NBA basketball, playing with dogs, eating Vietnamese food, and going on runs/bike rides.

Jane Park

Program Manager, Admissions

Jane graduated with a B.A. in history from the University of Washington in 2019. In college, she discovered her love of working with the education and nonprofit sectors, which led her to Ada Developers Academy. Jane currently runs and supports all functions related to Admissions and Outreach and loves being able to see a student’s journey from beginning to end.

Mahogany Tucker

Outreach Coordinator

Mahogany graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Organizational Leadership. She came to Ada to be a conduit for education access for traditionally underserved communities. Before joining Ada, she was a founding member of Year Up Puget Sound’s Alumni Board, Shop Steward for PTE 17, and supported a community-led coalition whose mission is to abolish the school to prison pipeline as coordinator and jack-of-all-trades. Mahogany’s experiences have deepened her commitment to refining her equity lens and being an ally to people experiencing oppression and erasure.

Program Services and Philanthropy

Jenna Hanchard

Director of Corporate Learning and Culture

Jenna Hanchard serves as the Director of Corporate Learning and Culture at Ada and is working to build a program that centers safety and accountability as core parts of the experience between Ada interns and Ada’s corporate partners. Jenna is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has covered everything from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, to the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the murder of Michael Brown. As a news anchor and reporter at KING 5, the NBC affiliate in Seattle, Washington, she created the Emmy-nominated series Race & Parenting and the Emmy-award winning series Race & Sports — community guides to discussing race, racism, and identity. Prior to Ada, Jenna served as the leader of Culture & Innovation at The Riveter, a women-run co-working and community company poised to become a modern union of working women. While at The Riveter, Jenna helped build unique membership and community content and programming centering Diversity Equity and Inclusion strategies. Jenna is a powerful storyteller who is moved by and dedicated to nuanced storytelling that centers Black and brown people.

Jasmine Soto

Program Manager, Facilitator & Strategist

Jasmine is the Program Manager, Facilitator & Strategist for the Corporate Partner Accountability team. She has over 8 years of experience in client-facing and team support roles. The most recent, an event coordination position for a local, women-focused educational and social organization in Seattle. Her goal is to help create a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone who comes in the door. When she’s not at work, you can find her making a mean spam musubi, coordinating a virtual D&D campaign with friends, and checking out more books from the library than she can possibly read.

Rachel Maheshwari

Career Services Manager

Rachel has over 10 years’ experience in workforce development, corporate recruiting, and career development, focusing on supporting underrepresented communities in obtaining greater access to employment opportunities. At Year Up, she ran career readiness programming, which provided young adults the tools to launch and build their tech careers. At Flatiron School, she coached career changers in landing their first roles in Software Engineering. Rachel is thrilled to see students land the jobs they deserve. She is honored to serve more students at Ada and support the mission of making tech a more equitable and inclusive space.

Le’Onna Lee

Career Services Manager

Le’Onna is a Seattle native with a passion for cultivating meaningful relationships. The majority of her career has been centered around eliminating barriers that create opportunity gaps and creating equitable access to opportunities through education. Before Ada, she worked for Seattle Colleges as their Embedded Career Specialist for Professional Technical programs. As a Career Specialist, Le’Onna led the internship process, provided career development, and job skill workshops to students and community members. Le’Onna values community and looks forward to supporting Ada students as they embark on their journey in tech.

Christina Ratkus

Development Manager

Christina has worked in the world of nonprofit development for over eight years. Before joining Ada, she worked with JDRF, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, and March of Dimes. Her focus has always been to help her community grow in areas where there is the highest need for resources and education and help lift Black and brown voices. She is thrilled to join Ada as the Development Manager and is looking forward to creating more funding, volunteering, and partnership opportunities. Christina is also an artist who lives in Seattle with her partner, David, and their cat, Monkey.

Rakia Wells

Marketing and Communication Manager

Rakia completed her Masters in Communication at the University of Washington in the Comm Lead Program. She has spent many years working with education nonprofits implementing outreach initiatives, and finding spaces to uplift communities of color. She will build strong networks for our stakeholders and bring the Ada experience to life for prospective students digitally.

Julie Loh

Program Manager, Internships

Julie is a former medical researcher, crisis counselor, and career coach passionate about utilizing data-driven and mental health focused practices to streamline processes and develop programming to support people in changing their careers. She is excited to create a thoughtful experience for students and company partners during their internship placement at Ada. At the University of Washington Information School, she coached and led programming to help undergraduate and graduate students find jobs in tech with an emphasis on helping students incorporate their past careers as strengths in their professional narrative. Outside of Ada, you can often find Julie painting, cuddling with her pups, planning her next foodie adventure, and running.

Finance and Operations

Alina Brunner

Director of Finance

Alina has 15 years of experience in finance and operations, working with a number of organizations ranging from technology startups to multinational corporations. During this time, she successfully created and rebuilt finance and operations functions by focusing on process improvement and ensuring regulatory compliance. Alina enjoys analyzing financial data and presenting it in ways that can engage everyone, providing a thorough view of the organization’s financial health and contributing to the overall strategy.

Miranda Hoffman

Salesforce and Data Administrator

Miranda has spent her career in the public and nonprofit sectors and comes to Ada with several years of Salesforce experience. She enjoys improving processes so that her colleagues can spend more time helping change the face of tech and less time on repetitive tasks. Outside of work, you’ll find her backpacking, snowboarding, watching tv shows, listening to podcasts, or walking her dogs.

Garnet Wong-Woo

Office Manager

Garnet is excited to start her new journey at Ada as the Office Manager. Before her administrative career, her profound interest in diversity and multiculturalism began while studying at Western Washington University and Highline Community College. Garnet looks forward to partnering her years of administrative knowledge with her passion for helping and uplifting underrepresented individuals. 

Outside of work, Garnet enjoys doing barre and yoga, exploring and discovering new places, cooking, and appeasing her inner foodie.

I-Shan McMahan

Staff Accountant

I-Shan is from Taiwan. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master of Science in Finance, with accounting experience in the legal and manufacturing industry. She came to Ada because she would like to be an advocate for gender equality in the workspace. In her free time, she likes to cook Taiwanese food, which makes her feel at home. She also likes to discover new restaurants with her friends and family.

Pauline Corporal


Pauline graduated from Seattle University as a first-generation college student. Before joining Ada, she spent some time at various tech startups and nonprofits in the Seattle area. She’s excited to help grow the Ada team while centering equity and justice in her work. 

Pauline enjoys backpacking and traveling solo. She recently became a dog mom to a german shepherd rescue named Korra (yes, after avatar Korra).

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