The application process includes three parts: online application, technical interview, and a virtual behavioral interview. All phases after the application are by invitation only.

Each part of the application process is designed to evaluate an applicant’s desire to enter the tech industry, passion for Ada’s mission, and readiness to thrive in the program. This is the application process for Ada Core.

1: online application

You will:

  • Submit a resume
  • Answer 4-5 short essay questions (200-250 words maximum)
  • Answer 5 technical questions

We are looking for:

  • Demonstrated interest in becoming a software developer and time spent self-learning how to code
  • Commitment and/or involvement with community/volunteer activities
  • Demonstrated examples of leadership
  • Clear desire to join Ada that goes beyond receiving a technical education
  • Ability to learn something new to accomplish a given task
  • Grit and determination to enter tech
  • Demonstrated ability to persist through setbacks and learn from mistakes
  • Ability to communicate thought processes, assumptions, and conclusions

2: code challenge

You will:

  • You will receive the code challenge in advance and be asked to schedule a technical interview.
  • You will either:
    • Live code a solution to the technical code challenge with your interviewer or
    • You will present your own solution, completed ahead of time, to your interviewer
  • We may ask you to work out additional approaches, variations, or extensions as part of our discussion. We’re interested in seeing how you approach a problem and communicate your ideas.

We are looking for:

  • Programming Fundamentals: We know you aren’t a full fledged software developer yet (and that’s perfectly ok!), but we are looking to see that you have invested time learning Python since our program does not start at a pure beginner level.
  • How well can you solve problems?
  • Ability to clearly communicate your solution and your thought process
  • Ability to receive and implement feedback effectively
  • Academic honesty: Applicants should be presenting their own work during the technical interview. In alignment with Ada’s expectations of students, once they start the program, all students are expected to be academically honest and submit work that is their own and not heavily referenced or lifted completely from other sources or people.

3: final interview

You will:

  • Participate in a virtual behavioral interview

We are looking for:

  • Passion for Ada’s mission and software development
  • Aptitude for learning and excelling in Ada’s collaborative and inclusive focused program
  • The drive and ambition to thrive at Ada

To view a timeline for the next cohort, please go to our timeline page.

Ready to Apply to Ada?

Applications for Ada’s Core program open in March and August every year and remain open for approximately three weeks.

For more detailed timeline information, including when classes begin, view our current application timelines here.

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