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Ada Build is a 7-lesson, self-guided curriculum that introduces beginners to Python and coding fundamentals through tutorials and video lessons. This curriculum is free for women and gender-expansive adults who are generally interested in learning to code, or more specifically want to strengthen their skills for the Ada application process.

If you are planning to apply to Ada, it is highly recommended that you complete the entire Ada Build curriculum before submitting your application.

Ada Build Live

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Ada Build Live is an 8-week virtual series led by staff and volunteers who review the Ada Build curriculum with students to build comfort with Python and coding fundamentals. This series takes place in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

Women, Black, Indigenous American, Native Alaskan, Latine, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander prospective students are encouraged to apply.

Please note that Ada Build Live is not mandatory to apply to the Core program.

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Sample Solution: https://replit.com/@adadev/Admissions-Sample-Solution

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