Katrina (she/her), C10

Without everyone kind of rooting for you throughout I don’t think I would have been able to transition into a field that’s really hard to break into.

Sahana (she/her), C7

Winter 2018

I was very amazed not just by how much people cared but by how special each and every single person in my cohort was.

Sahana (she/her), C7

Lauren (they/them), C4

Fall 2016

It takes creativity to be a software engineer, it takes problem solving, it takes tenacity, communication skills… so having a really diverse team is incredibly beneficial. 

Lauren (they/them), C4

Stephanie (she/her), C11

Winter 2020

I’ve got lots of technical chops now…I never thought that someone like me who has a background that’s not in technology could feel so accepted. It has absolutely changed my life.

Stephanie (she/her), C11
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