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Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit, cost-free coding school for women and gender expansive adults. We primarily serve Black, Latine, Indigenous Americans, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+, and low-income people. Learn more

More than just a bootcamp.

Join an intensive coding school prioritizing community over competition. Ada prepares women and gender-expansive adults to be software developers.

A life changing experience that will teach you how to code, advocate for yourself in the industry, and build communities rooted in social justice. See what you accomplish when you invest in yourself.

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Impact Metrics


72% of admitted students are People of Color, within this group 43% are underrepresented folks in tech.


$38M in new salaries for women and gender expansive folks in the tech economy.


On average, Ada alum incomes increase by 160% post-graduation.

Admissions and salary data based on Cohorts 13-15 (2020-2021)
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See the impact that the Ada program has made on our students and their careers

Sahana (she/her), C7

Winter 2018

I was very amazed not just by how much people cared but by how special each and every single person in my cohort was.

Sahana (she/her), C7

Lauren (they/them), C4

Fall 2016

It takes creativity to be a software engineer, it takes problem solving, it takes tenacity, communication skills… so having a really diverse team is incredibly beneficial. 

Lauren (they/them), C4

Stephanie (she/her), C11

Winter 2020

I’ve got lots of technical chops now…I never thought that someone like me who has a background that’s not in technology could feel so accepted. It has absolutely changed my life.

Stephanie (she/her), C11

Katrina (she/her), C10

Summer 2019

Without everyone kind of rooting for you throughout I don’t think I would have been able to transition into a field that’s really hard to break into.

Katrina (she/her), C10

Angela (she/her), C9

Winter 2019

I have a large pool of people that I can rely on and seek help from and also help mentor …making sure we continue the process of showing up and being seen.

Angela (she/her), C9

Deirdre (she/her), C5

Winter 2017

You’re building things that don’t exist… and they do a really great job of forcing you to constantly figure things out on your own.

Deirdre (she/her), C5
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