Our Program

Ada Developers Academy is the premier alternative education academy in Seattle, with a placement rate 90% + across all previous cohorts of talented students. We are unique. We serve only women and gender expansive people and are completely tuition-free for our students.  Along with our extensive and comprehensive curriculum, every student also participates in a 5-month long internship at one of our corporate partners. We strive for a holistic education, one that not only provides the most direct path into software engineering possible, but also one that serves the whole person, fostering a sense of community, core values and social justice that ensures our students have the well-rounded skills to stay in the technology industry long after graduation. 

To do this work, we charge participating companies a fee, which covers the cost of education and internship stipend for one student. The fee covers 90% of Ada’s total cost, and allows us to run the Ada program and educate 96 students a year. As an organization and community, we are dedicated to the mission of making tech more diverse, and believe we have only scratched the surface of possibilities for the future.

About 10% of Ada’s funding comes from philanthropy, and we count on generous donors like you to keep us going.

Here’s What Your Investment Helps Us Do

Ada’s Financial Aid Program*

Many of our students need the Ada Financial Support Program to bridge the gap between the classroom and paid internship experience of Ada. In every cohort, about 40% of our students are provided with a low-interest loan with funds that are generously donated to Ada. Since its inception, the program has funded 144 Ada students with low-interest loans totaling over $1.8M.

Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund provides investment in the future of Ada Developers Academy across the full spectrum of programs, offers and beyond. Projects funded through the Innovation Fund will help Ada Developers Academy remain the leaders in the alternative education space in Seattle, as well as contribute to our mission of diversifying the tech industry.  This program gives Ada the opportunity to explore promising new projects that will drive and grow the Ada mission overall. Currently there is a need to fund the Ada Continuing Education series for advanced skills development for alums.  

Interested in furthering our impact? Have other ideas or questions about our work?  We want to explore it with YOU! Contact us on ways to get involved at development@adadevelopersacademy.org/

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