What to Expect

Ada Build

All students are asked to complete our Ada Build curriculum prior to applying to our program. The content covers foundational concepts such as the basics of coding languages and getting comfortable with tools.

Ada Precourse

All students need to complete the precourse prior to Day 1 in the classroom. This 6- week, pre-classroom content covers foundational computer science concepts like the basics of coding languages and coding tools to prepare students for their first day of class. The purpose of this curriculum is to keep students coding (and talking about code) between admission and start of the program, understand the topics; not simply complete the assignments, and give a reason to meet and study with peers!

Ada Precourse Live

Additionally, we offer Ada Precourse Live, an in-person classroom experience for students who need extra support. This is a series of four online sessions conducted by Ada instructors to help a select group of incoming students work through the Ada Precourse. These live sessions are geared toward providing foundational concepts to prepare students not yet comfortable using loops, lists, and dictionaries. 


Adies, students at Ada Developers Academy, learn how to become successful junior developers and advocates in changing the face of tech. We focus on teaching skills that are readily transferable from one technology stack to another, making Ada students adaptable and flexible candidates for all types of developer positions.

Ada Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to learn: create a model of independent self-learning study skills to facilitate learning new technologies.
  2. Write Code: implement features in high-level code for medium-sized systems.
  3. Debug Code: establish a model of debugging skills to facilitate debugging, reading, and understanding existing code in medium-sized systems.
  4. Communicate about Code: apply coding and communication skills combined to team-based software development.
  5. Prepare Themselves for Internship: combine their code skills and job-preparation workshops to prepare themselves for a successful internship in software development.
  6. Build Communities rooted in Social Justice: integrate skills learned from social justice, advocacy, diversity, equity, and inclusivity to co-author a supportive learning community.

Ada Developers Academy teaches full-stack web development, allowing students to choose what specialty of software development they want to pursue in their post-Ada careers. We cover Python, SQL, Flask, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Computer Science fundamentals. The complete curriculum is online and open-source.

All of Ada’s in-class lectures are recorded for students using the Panopto video platform. For more information on how our course is structured, check out our syllabus here.

Writing Code

  • Python
  • HTML & CSS
  • Flask
  • SQL
  • Web APIs
  • Javascript
  • CS Fundamentals
  • React

Software Engineering

  • Test-Driven Development
  • Pair Programming
  • Agile Practices
  • Career Readiness


  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Racial Caucusing
  • Allyship Training
  • Leadership
  • Advocacy Work
  • Identifying Microaggressions

Day-to-Day Experience

Currently we offer three separate program options:

The Seattle program is an in-person experience in the International District of Seattle.

The Digital program is a fully online experience with remote internships that requires adherence to working hours in the Pacific Time.

The Atlanta program is a classroom digital experience with in-person internships in the Atlanta area.

In-person and Digital Classroom

Students are in the Ada classroom for six core hours a day, five days a week for six months. Our classroom features community over competition. Students are encouraged to support each other both inside and outside the classroom. A typical day caters to a variety of learning styles and consists of reading, watching videos, and small group activity-based learning.

The curriculum is divided up into three units:

Unit 1: Python & Computer Science Fundamentals
Unit 2: SQL & Flask
Unit 3: JavaScript and React

Ada uses a cohort model for its classroom, where students move through the curriculum together from start to finish.


As a culmination of each student’s classroom learning experience, they create a Capstone project to showcase what they have learned in the program.

Project Goals include:

  • Demonstrate self-direction, time management, and independent learning
  • Learn and implement new technologies
  • Complete a product life cycle from conception to delivery
  • Utilize agile practices learned to assist in project completion


Adies are not only trained to be strong developers but also strong advocates. Ada hosts workshops, critical conversations, and presentations around racial justice at Ada and beyond.

Ada students graduate from our program as stronger advocates for themselves and others than when they began the program.


The success of each Adie is our number one priority. Students can sign-up for 1:1 tutors, ask questions from TAs during afternoon project time, connect with industry mentors, and also seek guidance from Adies from past cohorts. Our Student Services support staff is on-hand to listen and refer services as needed.

“I was given an opportunity for training and a career that I would have never gotten without Ada Dev Academy. The program rewards grit and determination, and the Ada community fosters an environment of support and empathy that contributes to the success of all of their students. I encourage everyone who is eligible to be brave and apply.”

Kat Perreira (she/her), Cohort 10

“The Ada staff have worked to make this learning space a truly collaborative environment. This is not a competition. Take every opportunity to boost up the Adies on your left and right!”

Grace Shea (she/her), Cohort 11

“Ada has fostered the kind of community where the challenges posed by its rigorous nature are surmountable with the expansive and active support network of Adies and staff members.”

Stephanie Marchante (she/her), Cohort 11

Ada Developers Academy
315 5th Ave S, Suite 200
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