Take Haction!

Our work is now more important than ever

At Ada Developers Academy we are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our students, staff, allies, and alum community. 

Today’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, removing the federal right to an abortion and leaving the decision up to each state, will have devastating impacts on our community and our work. Without access to fundamental healthcare, our current and prospective students’ access to training and careers will be significantly limited, and our communities will suffer.

Our work is now more important than ever. At Ada, we train women and gender-expansive people to become software developers and future leaders—in careers with more job opportunities, higher salaries, and access to quality healthcare. Lack of access to fundamental healthcare means an increase in economic disparities and poorer educational outcomes. It is well known that this decision will disproportionately affect Black and brown and low-income people. Our technology will continue to lack the diverse talent it needs and the different perspectives it needs to solve society’s most critical issues.

Ada is hosting a hackathon event to build collective power and action within our Ada community

The Ada community is powerful, and we have a track record of coming together to overcome systems of oppression. We will be hosting a hackathon event to leverage our collective power and turn it into action. Alumni, students, corporate partners, and allies please join us as we build tools for taking action on critical issues impacting our communities.


Ada’s Executive Team

We’re ready to fight and get to work!

Photo of our exec team members (L to R): Alina Brunner, VP of Finance; Alexandra Holien, VP of Revenue & Strategy, Deputy Director; Danielle Ishem, VP of Equity & Policy; Lauren Sato, CEO; Pragya Madan, VP of People Operations; Bethany Lindsey, VP of Education & Innovation; Charline Zavaleta, Chief of Staff.

Please join us as we TAKE HACTION!

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Get Involved

Donate to Ada

By giving to Ada, you help provide women and gender-expansive folks access to the skills and experience needed to become professional software developers. Investing in Ada means driving economic mobility and actively shifting tech towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

Become a Corporate Partner

Being a part of driving the Ada mission means you are a part of the real and meaningful change in the tech community regarding the diversity gap. As a company partner, your role is to fund the education of the admitted Ada student and help us complete the training of the Ada student by giving them on-the-job training to make them hirable junior developers. 


The Ada Volunteer Program creates opportunities for tech professionals to use their skills to support underrepresented new developers. Our volunteers are critical community members who bring their expertise to our school in a range of roles that contribute directly to student success.

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