Being partnered with Ada Developers Academy does not only mean you have the chance to diversify your software development team and be a part of a meaningful change in the industry, but ultimately your company is helping Ada achieve their mission of diversifying the tech industry.  Being a part of driving the Ada mission means you are a part of the real and meaningful change in the tech community regarding the diversity gap. 

As a company partner, your role is to fund the education of the admitted Ada student and help us complete the training of the Ada student by giving them on-the-job training to make them hirable junior developers. The added bonus of being a partner with Ada is having the chance to convert your intern into an FTE at your company.  This partnership also opens up a pipeline of Ada Alum and graduates.  Companies that have capitalized on this pipeline see upwards of 15, and in particular cases, over 40 of our Alum working in full-time software developer roles.  

Ada Developers Academy is a tuition-free software development training program for women and gender-expansive folks to prepare them for web development and mobile software development careers. Through six months of intensive in-class work followed by a five-month internship at a sponsoring company, students receive a stipend and gain practical experience graduating with fluency in full-stack development. Ada is a community-supported non-profit, with the majority of its funding from sponsoring company partners in the Seattle region.

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Our Students

Our applicants are exceptional talent rigorously screened for technical aptitude and a passion for software engineering to fit the needs of our company partners. Previous careers of students and graduates include: account managers, teachers, biologists, chemists, bakers, flight attendants, librarians, artists, and social workers. Many of them have college or master’s degrees, but it’s not a requirement for admission – we select for technical aptitude, vocational intent, persistence and grit. Due to the length and depth of the program, students do not pay tuition. In fact, they are eligible for financial support (stipends and low-interest loans) throughout the 11-month course. This model allows Ada to reach the broadest possible range of potential talent, regardless of their current financial situation.

Our Curriculum

Ada Developers’ Academy focuses on teaching skills that are readily transferable from one technology stack to another, making Ada graduates adaptable and flexible candidates for all types of junior developer positions. We teach full-stack web development, allowing students to choose what specialty of software development they want to pursue in their post-Ada careers. Over the course of the 11-month program, students have over 2000 hours of classroom, homework, and internship time – comparable to the relevant hour requirements for a typical 4-year computer science degree. The complete curriculum, with detailed lecture notes, mastery topics, evaluation questions, and daily deliverables, is online and open-source. It is available on GitHub and will continue to evolve as technologies do.

Company Partnership

Ada is a non-profit organization, with a majority of the funding coming from company partners in the tech industry. The standard company partnership level is $55,000 and includes a 5-month intern assignment where interns receive a monthly stipend of $20/hour (companies do not compensate their interns additionally).

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Not only have the employees that we have hired through Ada internships continued to grow in their careers, given the strong foundation they started with, but they have all been strong carriers of our core values. They are collaborative, communicative and passionate about their work…I’ve gotten to know a lot of different coding education programs, and Ada continues to be a favorite to work with.

Rebekah Bastian

VP of Community & Culture, Zillow Group

Ada has developed a special formula for taking people with an interest in tech, and turning them into people who can contribute to a code base on day one.

Bridget Frey

Chief Technology Officer, Redfin

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is a top priority for Skytap. We know we still have a long way to go, but also recognize, we would not be where we are today without Ada. We have learned a great deal on the importance of having diverse talent and perspectives and ​inclusion in the work place at all levels. Our organization absolutely reaps the rewards by having more diversity in thought as we build a great product for our customers.

Jill Domanico

Chief People Officer - Skytap, Ada Advisory Board Member, Emeritus

Company Benefits


Five months with a full-stack prepared intern who is ready to code and hungry to learn, and if a good fit for your company, can convert to a full-time employee immediately upon internship completion. With an over 90% placement rate in the industry, Ada graduates are highly sought after when they complete the Ada program. 


Full participation in the internship placement process based on technical and cultural fit with your company.


An opportunity to be a part of real and meaningful change in the tech community regarding the diversity gap and equity. This issue is at the top of mind of everyone in the industry, and people want to help from the top to the bottom. This is a way to really do something about it. 


The opportunity to meet each of our students one-on-one throughout the classroom portion of the program. Create a pipeline of talented and diverse candidates that can fill your hiring needs. 


Access to a talent pipeline of highly skilled, highly qualified women and gender-expansive developers for your engineering teams. Ada strives for intersectional diversity with a focus on serving Black, Latine, Indigenous Americans, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+, and low-income people. We want to see more women and gender-expansive people in the industry.


Involvement in the Ada community of alum, volunteers, partners, and supporters. The Ada community is everything to this mission.  We couldn’t do the work we do without the countless hours from our industry volunteers.  Ada Alums are the backbone of the community — they act as donors, board members, mentors, and volunteers.  These individuals are the beating heart of our mission and show up in the most meaningful way to create the change they want to see.

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