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Washington has a major high-skilled labor shortage (20,000 unfilled STEM jobs and rising). Of these positions, software developers comprise one of the most challenging roles to recruit, not to mention that over 85% of programmers are male.

The lack of talent, combined with a lack of diversity, is problematic for Puget Sound companies and our local economy. It’s time to make a change in our hiring pipeline, and Ada Developers Academy is doing just that.

Join the ranks of over 30 companies including organizations like Expedia, EMC Isilon, and Zillow, who have opted to sponsor Ada Developers Academy.

Yearly Summer Cohort Dates:
Class begins in August
Internships begin in February

Yearly Winter Cohort Dates:
Class begins in February
Internships begin in August

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Why sponsor Ada?

Ability to vet junior developers in a low-risk internship setting

Ada-provided ongoing training and support for junior developers during and beyond their internship

Access to Ada graduates and alumnae for ongoing hiring

Pride in actively contributing to the closing of the software gender gap

Involvement in the Ada community and in shaping software education

Meet Our Sponsors

All our students attend the academy free of cost and we couldn’t do it without the support of our amazing sponsors!

All of these programmers are great. I would take any of them onto my team.

Don Shanks, Senior Manager, Engineering at Marchex

I'm really impressed at the scope of the capstone projects. The students have learned a whole lot this year. More than most developers that I interview.

Jeremy Wadsack, Ada volunteer
CTO at Keylime Toolbox, Advisor at Cityguru