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Our Digital campus creates an online community unlike any other. If you need the flexibility to thrive in a remote learning setting, our Digital campus is 100% virtual. The campus offers access to a dedicated resource hub, weekly roundtable discussions, and peer-to-peer Slack channels enabling a safe learning space for students to collaborate.

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97% Graduation Rate
94% Job Placement Rate
$117k Avg. Starting Salary

Graduate with Industry Experience

The Core program curriculum teaches full-stack web development allowing students to choose what specialty of software development they want to pursue in their post-Ada careers. The complete curriculum is online and open-source. The front-end and back-end technologies covered include Python, SQL, Flask, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Computer Science fundamentals.

graphic icons of these languages Python, SQL, Flask, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

A typical day caters to a variety of learning styles and consists of reading, watching videos before class, and small group activity-based learning. You’ll graduate with problem-solving skills, industry experience, a capstone project for your portfolio, and the confidence to learn the programming languages across the industry.

Program Overview

Programs Offered Digital

Ada Core Program


Digital online (6 months)

In the digital classroom, students learn by doing, and our Instructors are the guides in the process. Classes are online, 6 hours a day and 5 days a week. 

Core Hours:

9:30 am – 3 pm PST/EST

Internship Opportunity

Digital or In-person (5 months)

Students receive opportunities to work on engineering teams to complete their training. In addition, they increase their chances of employment with our corporate partners after internship. Each student receives a $20/hr stipend during this time. Digital internships may be in a different time zone and students may need to adjust their schedule during their internship.

Who You Could Work With*:
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*This is not a full list of internship companies. Download the program overview brochure for more company partners.

Ada Build Live

Coding for Beginners


Free, 8-week virtual series for beginners to learn Python and coding fundamentals. Women, Black, Indigenous American, Native Alaskan, Latine, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander prospective students are encouraged to apply.

Ready to Start Your Coding Journey?

Ada Core program cohorts start twice a year, in September and March. The application window opens approximately six months prior to the start of the cohort for about a three-week duration. Next open enrollment starts in August 2022 for classes starting in March 2023.

Are you ready to start your Ada journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

Ada’s Mission

Who does Ada serve?

Ada’s mission is to prepare women and gender expansive adults to be software developers while advocating for inclusive and equitable work environments. We primarily serve and address the needs of Black, Latine, Indigenous Americans, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+, and low-income people.

Who is included in “gender-expansive”?

Ada uses a national reference for the term “gender-expansive” individuals (also sometimes called non-binary, non-conforming or genderqueer) and Transgender provided by GLAAD: https://www.glaad.org/reference/transgender

Who is considered low-income?

Anyone with an individual annual income of less than the following:

  • Seattle Low Income is below $50k
  • National Low Income is below $45k
How much does the program cost?

The program is tuition-free.

Students have various living expenses they need to pay while in the program. We offer loan opportunities through our lending partners. Read more about financial support options here.

Coding Experience

I don’t have any experience coding. Can I still apply?

Ada’s Core Program is not for beginners. Students need to understand foundational concepts such as using loops, lists, and dictionaries. Make sure you take some time looking into free resources – there’s a ton available! Once you get a handle on the fundamentals, expand your knowledge through the Ada Build program for beginners. This is a great start to see if coding is for you!

I would like to apply to the program. Where do I get started?

Our application opens six months before the cohort begins and remains open for approximately three weeks. The application will be accessible on our website once opened. You can expect to submit a resume, short answer essays, and data challenge responses.

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Classroom Experience

What time zone will the classes be in?

Classes are offered both in Pacific and Eastern time zones. Core hours are 9:30 am – 3 pm PST/EST

Is the curriculum the same across campus options?

Yes. The content in each classroom is the same. 


Is there loan and grant assistance for Digital Campus?

Ada has loan opportunities available to students during their time in the program. Learn more

Is childcare available as a student?

Childcare is only available on the Seattle campus.

Do you assist with transportation?

Unfortunately, Ada does not assist with transportation needs. 

If you didn’t see your question outlined above, please send further inquiries to outreach@adadevelopersacademy.org

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