Application Instructions

Application Instructions

There are a few parts to your application: uploading your resume, answering 6–7 short essay questions, analyzing a large data set and answering questions about it, and (optionally) providing personal information so Ada can work to ensure a diverse student population.

Before You Begin

Please note that you cannot save progress in your application. We recommend working on it outside of the application website and using copy/paste to insert your responses when you are ready.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 30, 6pm PDT


Please upload an up-to-date professional resume. Make sure to include any relevant programming experience, classes, or activities as well as volunteer activities, and leadership experience..


Each essay has a target word count of 200–250 words. If you are a re-applicant, you must answer all essay questions. Please do not reuse answers from prior applications.

Technical Challenge

For the technical challenge you will need to explore and analyze a large data set which is provided by Ada. There are five questions to answer, which increase in difficulty and ambiguity. While getting the correct answer is possible for most questions, our reviewers assess your answers based on your explanation of your process and any logical deductions or assumptions you made during your analysis.

For all questions we ask that you keep your explanation concise (under 500 words per question) as our reviewers have a large number of applications to process. Please use bullet points when explaining your reasoning.

Detailed instructions, along with the questions are available here.

Applicant Information

Ada is committed to bringing a diverse set of students to our industry partners, which means having a diverse student population. Please only share what you feel comfortable sharing.

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